5 Reasons to Choose Design/Build:


1. You have a single point of contact.
You do not need to hire both an architect and a builder. With Lane’s Design/Build process, your project is in the hands of a team of professionals all working together as a single entity.

2. You are a part of your design team.
You do not need to serve as an intermediary between an architect and builder. Instead, with Lane’s Design/Build process you will be actively involved in team discussions right from the very beginning stages.

3. The design meets your budget.
You do not have to send your design out to bid and then find out it cannot be built within your budget. With Design/Build the Lane team is able to provide accurate pricing at the start of the pro cess.

4. Design/Build saves you money.
As a builder, Lane has knowledge of the construction techniques and materials that will provide you the most cost effective, maintenance-free, energy saving solution for your project. This knowledge influences the design of your project from the outset.

5. Design/Build saves time.
The Design/Build system can allow Lane to procure materials and equipment and to begin construction—even before the final plans are complete. Therefore, your project may be completed more quickly.

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