A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

It’s officially spring, the season where we emerge from hibernation. We begin to take advantage of the warm afternoons, outdoor barbecues and lingering evening sunlight. It is also the perfect time to evaluate your outdoor living space. Whether you are looking to add a covered porch, pool or fireplace; we’ve created an idea guide to help showcase design challenges and inspire your new outdoor living space.

Outdoor Fireplace 
Attention to detail was key in this outdoor living space renovation. In order to completely redesign and construct a new outdoor living space for a stately brick home, special attention had to be given to the brick, stone and masonry selections and construction techniques to insure a seamless transition from the old to the new. After much research, we found a perfect match with a Flemish Stretcher Bond brick pattern and a Porcini Travertine, creating the ultimate outdoor living experience.


Dramatic Ceiling 
Rustic defines this outdoor living space. The clients wanted a covered outdoor living space that provided shade and an eye-catching transition between the interior and exterior while taking into consideration possible water issues. We designed a post and beam porch to coordinate architectural details in the interior of the house. The result, a beautiful covered patio perfect for entertaining!


A Living Room Outdoors 
This at-home backyard oasis is perfect for all ages. The homeowner’s wish list included a pool, patio and covered porch with fireplace. With the addition of the covered porch, the clients wanted the space to feel like additional living space, large enough to house plush outdoor seating an a television, while maintaining a smooth transition between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Needless to say, during the warmer months, this is the “go-to” lounge spot.

Relaxing Veranda
This backyard needed a complete makeover. The small, old brick pavers had sunk and would hold water after a heavy rain. They homeowners wanted to create an entertainment space perfect for grilling, dining and relaxing. The large covered porch and patio is now the perfect spot to unwind at the end of the day as a family.


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